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Hello, my name is Alex Kilmpasanis. I am a Level Designer, currently studying Game Design at FutureGames in Stockholm, Sweden, with an emphasis on building level layouts, designing pacing and navigation, level scripting, presenting and writing design pitches and documentation.

By being a life-long gamer myself and by making friends over games, it is clear to me that gaming is one of the most memorable forms of entertainment. As a Level Designer, my goal is to create those special moments in games that contribute to building beloved entertainment franchises.

I'm personally drawn to game development, because it draws from all aspects of culture at a very practical level. I always seek inspiration in history, architecture, art and psychology to create meaningful and unique designs, making game development a very rewarding endeavour.

Along with experience in Game Design, I have worked in Project Management and Marketing in both big and small companies. My past work experience has taught me to be proactive in my communication, collaborate comfortably with different stakeholders and work effectively under tough deadlines.

As a person, I love working in diverse teams, learning from others and helping them do their best work. I have had the opportunity to live and work in 3 different countries, developing my intercultural awareness and learning to be positive and independent.